Hog Hat Zone

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About Hog Hat Zone

The Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 exercise Hog Hat Zone helps develop paragraph comprehension as well as an understanding of pronouns, auxiliary verbs, prefixes, and suffixes. Hog Hat Zone also helps the student make the links between words and sentences, and helps build a foundation for further vocabulary growth.

The object of Hog Hat Zone is to help the construction crew fill in the missing pipes and girders by selecting the most appropriate words to fill in the blanks.

How students use Hog Hat Zone

To work on Hog Hat Zone, the student clicks the yellow paw to see a paragraph displayed on the underground pipes or framework girders. Some of the words are missing from the paragraph. Four choices for the first missing word are displayed on pipes or girders at the top of the screen. The student must click the word that best fills in the first blank. New choices will appear for the second blank. The student must continue to fill in the missing words until paragraph is complete. When the last paragraph blank is correctly filled, a crane lowers the correct pipe or girder into place to complete the paragraph. Points are awarded for each correct answer, and bonus points are awarded after 10 correct answers.

In Hog Hat Zone, a trial is one blank space in the paragraph.

Tip: The following keyboard shortcuts are available in Hog Hat Zone:

  • Paw (start button). Space bar
  • Responses, left to right and top to bottom. Number keys 1 through 4

How Hog Hat Zone rewards progress

Session high score. Each time the student surpasses the highest score ever achieved in one session, the points counter lights up and flashes the words High Score.

Time. The timer at the top of the screen shows the amount of time the student needs to work on the exercise that day, which is based on the student's protocol. When the time requirement is met, the exercise session automatically ends, and the student can either choose another exercise to work on or review his/her success in the exercises.

Exercise percent complete markers. The percent complete markers (holes or pipes) on the lower left of the screen indicate the percentage of completed content in the exercise. Each marker represents 10% of the exercise. When all of the markers light up, the exercise is complete.

How students master Hog Hat Zone

The student will continue to work on Hog Hat Zone until the skills in the exercise are mastered. Then, the exercise is closed. To learn more see Completing a component.

Tip: For a complete list of content used in the exercise, check the teacher manual (see User guides & manuals).