Reading Level 3 Success Viewer

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About Success Viewer

At the end of each session, the component calculates the results for that student and displays those results in the Success Viewer. This provides the student with an immediate review of his or her performance, as a reward and a motivation to continue working on the exercises.

When the Success Viewer appears, it displays the Points screen. From here a student can navigate through the individual exercise screens to view details about his or her performance in that exercise, then use the Exit button to exit the Success Viewer.

How students view points

When the Success Viewer appears, it displays the Points screen. The Points screen includes the following information:

  • The points earned on the last participation day (the current day if the student has just finished working).
  • The total points earned for each exercise.
  • The last day’s total points and the grand total points for all exercises.
  • The exercise percent complete markers (stars) awarded in each exercise. Each marker represents 10% of the exercise. When an exercise has been mastered, all of the stars appear.
  • A clock next to an exercise, when the student works on that exercise for the required number of minutes that day.
  • Participation bonus points, when the protocol (schedule) for the day is met.

The number of points earned in an exercise does not always reflect the student’s performance in that exercise; instead, points are used to reward correct answers and to encourage the student to continue working on the components.

How students view exercise success

From any screen on the Success Viewer, the student can click an exercise tab to view details about his or her performance in that exercise. To return to the Points screen, the student can click the Points tab.

The screens for each exercise show goal and task information at the top of the screen. Below that, results for an exercise are indicated as follows:

Scrap Cat / Canine Crew / Chicken Dog success

The screens for Scrap Cat, Canine Crew, and Chicken Dog display boxes for the content in the exercise.

Completed content (whole square)

Current content (half square)

Twisted Pictures / Hog Hat Zone / Book Monkeys success

The screens for Twisted Pictures, Hog Hat Zone, and Book Monkeys display horizontal bar graphs for each content level in the exercise. Please note that if the bar representing correct answers does not reach the dashed line, the student must repeat all of the questions at the level, and the graphical representations for the level are reset.

Correct responses (dark blue bar)

Incorrect responses (light blue bar)

Best score (pink line)