Export reports (Excel)

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About exporting reports

When viewing a report, use the Excel button in the Reports page header to export that report data in Excel format as needed; for example, to import into your school or district SIS, or to perform your own data analysis. Clicking the Excel button downloads the data as an Excel spreadsheet in XLS format, which can then be saved to your local computer or sent to a printer. Downloaded Excel files are usually opened by Microsoft® Excel or other spreadsheet program installed on the computer.

Note: When using a viewer (for example, Apple's Preview) instead of a spreadsheet program, some values such as dates and percentages may not be formatted as expected.

Which reports can I export?

The following reports are available for export. You'll see the Excel button in the Reports header when viewing these reports. If you don't see the Excel button, that report is not available for export:

  • District/School/Group Usage
  • Group Fast ForWord Percent Complete
  • Group Reading Assistant Plus Comprehension
  • All Reading Progress Indicator reports

What information is exported?

Exported reports include the information from the report. Group reports also include the following information for each student (a blank field indicates a “No” status):

  • Student ID
  • Grade
  • Gender
  • ELL status
  • SES status
  • Title 1 status
  • Race/Ethnicity

To export a report

  1. Navigate to the report with the data you would like to export so that it is displayed on the Reports page.
  2. Click the Excel button in the header at the top of the report to download the report as an Excel spreadsheet. If you don't see the Excel button, the report is not available for export.
  3. Follow the directions in your browser or spreadsheet program to open or save the file.