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About the report

Use this report to view a student's most recent errors in each of the Fast ForWord exercises. Knowing the areas in which a student is currently struggling allows for timely intervention.

Which results are included?

This report only includes errors for the last day the student trained on an exercise. To view errors for previous training days or for a larger range of days, use the Error Reports in the Student Progress History (Fast ForWord) report.

Each error report only includes content in which the student made errors. If you don't see content listed in the report, it means that the student did well with that content and did not make any errors, or that the student has never worked on the exercise. To review all of the content in an exercise or Fast ForWord product, use the teacher manuals.

Note that MySciLEARN does not provide error reports for the sound exercises in the Foundations and Literacy series products (for example, Sky Gym and Moon Ranch in Foundations I). Only the word-based exercise errors are included, as they can help provide insight into a student's mastery of grammar and syntax rules. For information on a student’s mastery of the sound exercises, see Completion Report Details in the Student Progress History (Fast ForWord) report.

Note: This report is not yet available for the Foundations I or Foundations II programs.

Accessing the report

For information on navigating and customizing this report once it's opened, see Navigate teacher reports.

  1. Click the Fast ForWord button at the top of the Results page to view Fast ForWord reports.
  2. If needed, select your school in the Browse by School column on the left, or click your school name in the district report.
  3. If needed, select your group in the Filter by My Groups column on the left, or click your group name in the school report.
  4. Click the student's name in the group report to view the Progress History report.
  5. Choose Errors – Last Participation from the Select Report menu.
  6. Choose a Fast ForWord product from the Products menu as needed.

Error Reports

This section reports any errors made by the student on the last training day of each exercise, independent of any date range. Each report breaks down the errors for the different levels within an exercise, allowing for targeted intervention strategies. The Last Participation date in the exercise report headers indicates the last date that the student worked on that exercise (this field will show a dash if the student has never worked on that exercise). Click the yellow arrow next to each exercise name to view the following error results. To view the results for all exercises at one time, click the Expand All option at the top of the report.

Errors Occurred in. This column displays the level and item type in which the student has made errors. It includes the actual content on which the student worked; for example:

Listen and read along:

Picture completes sentence:

"He is looking up and the branch of a (tree, helmet, wasp, fire)."

Correct out of Attempts. This column displays the number of correct attempts out of the total number of attempts made in that content. For some exercises, you may see errors for a specific grammar or syntax rule, when applicable.