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May 27, 2021 – Our new Teacher Resources site is live!

mySciLEARN Toolbox has a whole new look! Now called Fast ForWord Teacher Resources, it provides easier access to classroom and student resources such as teacher manuals and student worksheets, curriculum planning guides, remote use resources, and more. All of our training content remains available in the The Academy.

Apr 1, 2021 – Foundations I component updates

Check out the latest & greatest updates for Foundations I:

Feb 18, 2021 – Elements II and Reading component updates

Check out the following component updates!

Feb 4, 2021 – Introducing Elements II!

Continuing our mission to help all students achieve their learning potential, we’re thrilled to introduce Elements II, the newest addition to the Fast ForWord Literacy program for secondary readers. Just like Elements I, the new Elements II is designed for adolescent learners—it delivers the rewards, instant feedback, and socially safe learning environment they need to stay motivated and become college- and career-ready learners and readers. It's designed for both remote learning and classroom implementation, giving teachers the flexibility they need in fast-changing learning environments.

Now includes reports!

Jan 21, 2021 – New online training & certification with The Academy!

We’ve just launched The Academy, our brand-new Fast ForWord training and certification service that streamlines the onboarding process, provides fast, frictionless learning for every customer, and offers opportunities to earn CE credit!

Dec 3, 2020 – Student dashboard and reports improvements

Nov 12, 2020 – Student rostering with ClassLink

mySciLEARN now supports student rostering through ClassLink, a popular rostering & SSO authentication provider. Learn more.

Fast ForWord product transition from Flash to HTML5

On December 31, 2020, Adobe stopped supporting Flash Player. For many years Adobe Flash Player was the standard for web interactivity. However, as technology has evolved, the web shifted away from Flash and moved toward new open content formats such as HTML5.

To align with current technology, we’ve transitioned the majority of our components over to HTML5. At this time, the Foundations and Elements components, Reading Readiness, Reading Levels 1-3, and Reading Assistant Plus all use HTML5. While the legacy Flash-based components are no longer available for assignment, the student reports for these components will remain available until the end of 2021.

We appreciate your patience as we continue improving your Fast ForWord experience!