Reading Readiness – Inside the Tummy

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About Inside the Tummy

The Fast ForWord Reading Readiness exercise Inside the Tummy helps develop precise visual attention skills while helping improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

In Inside the Tummy, the student fills the bear’s tummy by placing the correct colored shapes into the corresponding outlines in his giant stomach.

How students use the exercise

When Inside the Tummy begins, a bear appears on the screen. Colored shapes are arranged outside the bear’s tummy, and corresponding shape outlines appear inside the bear’s tummy. To work on Inside the Tummy, the student drags a colored shape to match its outlined shape. Each time the student correctly places an object, the bear announces its shape and color. Points are awarded for each correct answer. Bonus points are awarded after all shapes are placed correctly.

As Inside the Tummy continues, the designs inside the bear’s tummy become more complicated and the shapes become smaller, requiring more precise fine motor control and hand-eye coordination.

How Inside the Tummy rewards progress

Animations. Each time the student successfully places all of the objects inside the bear’s tummy, the exercise displays a colorful graphic that incorporates the newly placed shapes.

Session high score. Each time the student surpasses the highest score ever achieved in one session, the points counter lights up and flashes the words High Score.

Time. The timer at the top of the screen shows the amount of time the student needs to work on the exercise that day, which is based on the student's protocol. When the time requirement is met, the exercise session automatically ends, and the student can either choose another exercise to work on or review his/her success in the exercises.

Exercise percent complete markers. The percent complete markers (stars) below the student's name indicate the percentage of completed content in the exercise. Each marker represents 10% of the exercise. When all of the markers light up, the exercise is complete.

How students master Inside the Tummy

The student will continue to work on Inside the Tummy until the skills in the exercise are mastered. Then, the exercise is closed. To learn more see About completing a program.

Tip: For a complete list of content in the exercise, see the Reading Readiness teacher manual.