Demonstrate how to switch programs on iPad

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About program switching

We’ve recently introduced a new way to use the programs on iPad—the Safari web browser. Foundations I, Foundations II, and Reading Assistant Plus are the first Scientific Learning programs that support Safari on iPad.

The MySciLEARN bookmark lets students open Safari and log in to MySciLEARN on iPad.

If your students are using the new Safari programs and the Fast ForWord or RPI mobile apps together, they’ll need to follow some steps to switch among programs on iPad.

  • To switch from a Fast ForWord or RPI mobile app to a Safari program, students will need to return to the iPad Home screen, and then start a new session in Safari. —Students will need some instruction
  • To switch from a Safari program to a Fast ForWord or RPI mobile app, students can tap the program graphic while still in Safari, which will prompt the student to open the mobile app for that program. —Students will be guided through this process

For basic steps on starting a new session, see Fast ForWord student sessions on iPad.

Switch from a mobile app to Safari

Students will need some instruction

If you’re implementing Reading Progress indicator assessments, your students will need this instruction early in the process, before finishing the first RPI assessment.

  1. While in the Fast ForWord or RPI mobile app, press the Home button on iPad.
  2. Tap the MySciLEARN bookmark on the Home page to open Safari.
  3. Log in to the Student Exercises and start the Foundations I,  Foundations II, or Reading Assistant Plus program.

Switch from Safari to a mobile app

Students will be guided through this process

  1. While in the Foundations I, Foundations II, or Reading Assistant Plus program on iPad, tap the Exit button to return to the Student Exercises page in Safari.
  2. Tap the graphic for the program you want to work on next. This may be an RPI assessment.
  3. At the top of the web page, tap Open to start the mobile app.
  4. Log in to the Student Exercises and start the Fast ForWord program or take the assessment.

Troubleshooting tips

In Safari, when a student taps a program graphic to switch to a mobile app, Safari shows a web page with a banner at the top that lets them open or install the app:

If the app is not installed on the device. Tap an icon to download it from the App Store. Students may need help with this step.

If the banner does not appear on an app page. Sometimes the browser will hide this banner. Try swiping down. If it still doesn’t show up, it’s possible that the student dismissed it. To restore the banner on iPad, go to Settings, Safari and clear history and website data. Students will likely need help with this step.