About Fast ForWord and iPad

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mySciLEARN lets students log in from an iPad mobile digital device and work on the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus product. The product leverages the latest mobile technologies to provide mySciLEARN users with the best possible experience. For example:

  • Touchscreen technology and bright, animated graphics captivate elementary school, middle school, and high school students alike.
  • iPad portability allows students to use the product wherever they want, whenever they want.
  • With just a username and password, students can access the product from any supported device and switch among them (computer to iPad to laptop, and so on).

This topic answers some frequently asked questions.

Which components are available for iPad?

All of the Scientific Learning components are available for iPad, including the Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) assessments.

The demos are also available on iPad for students, and can be accessed within the components. To use the demos as a staff member or parent, use mySciLEARN on a computer or laptop (see Demos).

How does the product work on iPad?

Just like mySciLEARN on a desktop or laptop computer, the product uses the Internet to communicate with mySciLEARN. When the student opens a component on iPad, it connects to mySciLEARN and prompts the student to log in and use the component as usual. When the session ends, the student's results are added to the mySciLEARN reports.

On iPad, students use the components through the Safari web browser. You don’t need to download a mobile app for them, but you’ll need to set up the iPad for your students first. See Set up iPad for student use.

Are there any changes to the components?

The Scientific Learning components for iPad are the same as the components used on the browser, with a few enhancements for iPad. See What’s different on iPad.

Are there any technical requirements, licenses, or fees?

There are a few system requirements, including which iPad mobile digital devices are supported.

No new licenses or fees are required—any student with a product license and an active online mySciLEARN account can use the components on iPad. If you have any questions about licensing, check with your school administrator or contact Scientific Learning Customer Support.

Do I need to change any mySciLEARN settings to use iPad?

No, the components do not require anything new or special on the administration side of mySciLEARN. As a staff member, you'll continue using mySciLEARN as usual—managing students and creating assignments, monitoring student training sessions, and reviewing student reports.

Can a learner use more than one type of device to work on the components?

Yes, students can switch among supported devices as they like—from a computer to iPad and back again at any time.

Can a staff member or parent use mySciLEARN through a web browser on iPad?

No, staff members and parents should use mySciLEARN on a desktop or laptop computer.

Do the components on iPad work with mySciLEARN content acceleration?

The HTML5-based components on iPad use newer content acceleration technology.

How secure are the components on iPad?

All components on iPad employ the same security as mySciLEARN, which requires that all students use a unique login and password to access the component. In addition, all of the data for mySciLEARN is hosted by Scientific Learning and all communication between the client and mySciLEARN is encrypted using SSL. If you have any additional questions about security, contact Scientific Learning Customer Support.