What’s different on iPad

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Safari support

All of our components use Safari on iPad. Because the components are used within the web browser, you don’t need to download anything. You will need set up the iPad for Safari first. See Set up iPad for student use.

iPad orientation

This the best view for using the Fast ForWord components is in landscape (horizontal) orientation, but they support both portrait and landscape.

Reading Assistant Plus supports both portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientation. Using the Reading Assistant Plus component in portrait view lets the student scroll through the content, similar to an e-reader, and may be a more comfortable and familiar option for your students.

No keyboard or mouse

The Fast ForWord components on iPad fully implement touchscreen technology and therefore do not allow access to the iPad keyboard or the keyboard shortcuts within the exercises.

Because iPad does not require a mouse, if an exercise instructs the student to "click" an object or graphic, the student should "tap" it instead.

Reading Assistant Plus changes

The Reading Assistant Plus component includes a few cosmetic and functionality enhancements for use on iPad. In addition, a few small features that appear on the browser are not included in the iPad app.

  • Each Reading Assistant Plus session starts with a “Ready for Reading Assistant?” prompt. Tap go to continue.
  • Students cannot print their Fluency and Selection reports on iPad (iPad is not designed to save and print documents).
  • The Tools menu lives in the upper left corner, and now includes the Library button. To exit a selection or the Points report, open the Tools menu and tap the Library button.
  • In portrait view, the graphics on the activities are rearranged to fit on the screen. The activity manager, which usually appears on the right, has moved to the top of the page.