Use the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus programs together

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Why use the programs together

Using the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus programs at the same time is a powerful way to improve your students' reading skills. They work together to form a comprehensive solution for your struggling students. Because the Fast ForWord program is cross-training cognitive skills and the Reading Assistant Plus program gives students crucial practice with oral reading, it’s ideal to have students use both programs simultaneously.

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The Fast ForWord program includes:

  • Exercises that improve these important cognitive skills: memory, attention, processing, and sequencing
  • Intensive practice across a wide range of language and reading tasks
  • Auto assignment
  • iPad compatibility

The Reading Assistant Plus program includes:

  • Word Wall academic vocabulary preteaching activity
  • Reading selections assigned by genre and/or difficulty level
  • New content and genres
  • Auto assignment
  • iPad compatibility

Our 3 step intervention model

Here’s how combined usage meets our 3 step intervention model.

  1. The Fast ForWord program prepares the brain for reading by improving the language and cognitive skills that are weak in struggling students (MAPS: memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing).
  2. With the Fast ForWord program, your students receive personalized, intensive practice on a wide variety of language and reading skills—more than any other approach or intervention. Intensity is the key to getting far better results, fast.
  3. Using speech verification technology, our program listens to students as they read aloud and provides corrective guided reading feedback to help reinforce new language and reading skills and rapidly build fluency and comprehension.

Simultaneous Fast ForWord/Reading Assistant Plus usage will reinforce your students' newly learned reading skills and more rapidly build academic vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension.

iPad availability

All of the programs are also available on iPad, including Foundations I and II, and Reading Assistant Plus.

Best practices

There are a wide variety of situations where you will want to enroll your students in both programs. You can think of it like playing a sport—the Fast ForWord exercises are like the skill-building and practice necessary to play, and the Reading Assistant Plus oral reading practice is the actual game. When a student uses both programs at the same time, they’re learning the content and skills they need to be successful while immediately practicing in a low-stakes environment. See the following scenarios to think about how you could use both programs with your students.

Reading Assistant Plus enrollment steps

New schools

Reading Assistant Plus Auto Initial Assignment is now activated for all new schools and organizations! Simply enroll your students. After they take the Reading Progress Indicator assessment they will be placed in the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus programs automatically.

Schools who have not enrolled students in Reading Assistant Plus

If you're an existing customer and have not yet enrolled your students in the Reading Assistant Plus program, you may notice the RA Plus Auto Initial Assign button is not activated for your students. Please do one of the following. Once you complete one of the following sets of instructions, students who have already taken an RPI assessment will be assigned to a library. Otherwise, they will take an initial assessment for placement into a library.