Use the ForWord and Reading Assistant programs together

Strengthen the cognitive skills your students need to be more successful readers while building fluency and comprehension at the same time. Learn how to enroll your students in Foundations I and use Reading Assistant Plus along with all the Fast ForWord programs!

Foundations I has replaced Language v2 and includes:

  • Improved exercise introductions
  • Built-in coaching
  • Explicit instruction
  • Increased adaptivity
  • New progress indicators
  • Foundations I is not yet compatible with iPad

The Reading Assistant Plus program includes:

  • Word Wall academic vocabulary preteaching activity
  • Reading selections assigned by genre and/or difficulty level
  • New content and genres
  • Auto assignment
  • Compatible with iPad
  • The Reading Assistant legacy program will end in 2018—enroll your students in the new version now! see Enrollment Steps below.

Enrollment Steps

If you're new to the Fast ForWord program:

Enroll students as you normally would. Fast ForWord Auto Assign now places students into the Foundations I program instead of Language v2.

If you're new to the Reading Assistant Plus program, simply do one of the following:

Once you complete one of the following sets of instructions, students who have already taken an RPI assessment will be assigned to a library. Otherwise, they will take an initial assessment for placement into a library.

If you're an existing customer and your students did not finish Language v2 during the last school year:

If you're an existing customer and your students were enrolled in the original version of the Reading Assistant program last school year: