On demand training

We offer a combination of quick and easy video tutorials and live online training to guide you through every step of the way with your Fast ForWord program.

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Getting started

New to the Fast ForWord program? Start here!

The self paced video series below has 8 short videos designed to get you up and running quickly in about 40 minutes!

Or, do you like learning in real time and being able to ask questions? Then choose a session from the live online training series and learn from our experts! Each session is about an hour followed by a 15 minute Q&A section.

Reports, interventions, and gains

Learn about the reports in MySciLEARN, how to work with your students, and measure gains.

Professional development webinars

Scientific Learning presents webinars on a variety of topics and this section contains recorded topics designed to help you learn more about the program, reports, and results. After opening the recorded session, you will be asked to register to view the webinar.

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K12 Training Webinar - Deep Diving into MySciLEARN Reports duration 1:10:00

In MySciLEARN, educators have access to a variety of detailed reports demonstrating students’ progress through the products. What key reports in MySciLEARN help you understand your students’ progress in Fast ForWord? The information that is available within specific reports is essential to helping students benefit the most from the Fast ForWord exercises. Join us as Tom Chapin walks participants through key reports that provide important essentials to increasing student gains in the products and in school.

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Training Webinar - Targeted Interventions for your Students duration 1:01:00

How are your students progressing on Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus? Are they hitting plateaus or steadily climbing? NOW is the time to make sure all students are making steady progression -- the faster a student moves through the content, the better gains you can expect in the spring! Join Fast ForWord expert, Tom Chapin, as he shares his top tips on helping, motivating, and differentiating interventions for all students across Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus.

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Training Webinar: Keeping Tabs on a Healthy Fast ForWord Implementation duration 1:00:00

Join us for this informative, 60-minute live webinar that will cover the most requested Fast ForWord implementation topics. Tom Chapin, one of our Fast ForWord experts, will review topics such as mid-year and year-end reviews and which reports are important to review on an on-going basis. You will also be provided with valuable information on how to gauge the health of your Fast ForWord implementation to help you determine what’s working and what could be improved. Lastly, we will cover how to share your results with students, teachers, administrators, and district staff.

Fast ForWord science and success stories

Scientific information, student and staff testimonials, success stories, and more!

Private business training

This training is for private businesses who are seriously considering implementing Fast ForWord for the purpose of speeding up client results and optimizing time with their clientele.

Please download the Fast ForWord Provider Training Guide which accompanies both training videos below.

Private provider training part 1

Private provider training part 1 duration 1:06:16

By the end of part 1, you will know what Fast ForWord is, where it came from, and if it will benefit your business and clientele.

Private provider training part 2

Private provider training part 2 duration 46:19

By the end of part 2, you will know how Fast ForWord works, what it looks like, and what skills it will develop.