User guides & manuals

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MySciLEARN provides the following user guides and teacher manuals. You can also browse our extensive MySciLEARN Toolbox library for documents on how to successfully implement the programs.

Online user guides

See the following online help guides to learn how the Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus programs work.

Fast ForWord program guides

Fast ForWord programs on iPad

Reading Assistant Plus program guide

Reading Assistant Plus program on iPad

System requirements

MySciLEARN administrators guide

MySciLEARN teachers guide

MySciLEARN program usage guide

Results reports for districts guide

Results reports for schools guide

Results reports for teachers guide

Content acceleration administrators guide

Student update administrators guide

Offline resources for English learners

The Fast ForWord lessons and flash cards can be used with the Foundations I and Foundations II programs, where applicable.

Reading Assistant & Reading Assistant Plus Offline Resources

Fast ForWord Foundations I and Literacy Flash Cards

Reading Assistant Plus content lists

See our complete list of reading selections online, or download a printable story list here:

Reading Assistant Plus New Titles - Winter 2018

Reading Assistant Plus New Titles - Winter 2017

Reading Assistant Plus Original Titles - Winter 2017

Teacher manuals

Use Fast ForWord Foundations I as a teacher resource guide.

Use Fast ForWord Foundations II as a teacher resource guide.

For Reading Assistant Plus, use the Offline Resources for English Learners as a teacher resource guide.