Print student usernames and passwords

All enrolled students must use a username and password to log in to mySciLEARN.The Students page allows you to print the usernames and passwords for your students. For more information see About student usernames and passwords.

  1. In mySciLEARN Manage section, click the Students tab to access the Students page.
  2. Locate the students in the students list. See The students list.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the students, or select the All checkbox at the top of the students list to select all of the students on the screen.
  4. From the More Actions menu, select Print Usernames and Passwords to open a new page with the new the usernames and passwords.
  5. If a new page does not open, check your browser’s security settings; it may have pop-ups blocked. In this case, follow your browser’s instructions to allow pop-ups for the website.

  6. To save the information, you can print the page, or you save the file as a text (.txt) file and then import that information into a word processing or spreadsheet software program.