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About the scores

Students who rapidly complete the Fast ForWord products tend to have better outcomes. Rapidly completing a Fast ForWord product requires that students focus on the following tasks:

  • Making good progress through the content when they use the program (completion rate)
  • Using the program regularly each week (attendance)
  • Completing the scheduled minutes in their daily protocol (participation)

MySciLEARN reports on these measures of achievement in the Fast ForWord Usage reports.


Research has shown that good completion rates are related to better outcomes with the Fast ForWord products. Thus, MySciLEARN uses the completion rate score to provide a quick view of overall implementation. To learn more see Completion rate. Note that because the completion rate score can exceed 100%, the implementation score for a student may also exceed 100%.

101% to 200% – Above Target

65% to 100% – On Target

20% to 64% – Approaching Target

19% or lower – Below Target

Note: Completion rate provides a good measure of overall implementation when students are using the program regularly. However, students with low attendance and/or participation scores may not be working enough to complete the program in a timely fashion and achieve better outcomes.To thoroughly evaluate a successful implementation, it’s best to consider all three measures of achievement: completion rate, attendance, and participation.

Completion rate

Students who maintain good progress through the program content can achieve better outcomes with the Fast ForWord program. The completion rate score measures how quickly a student is progressing through the content when he or she is working, relative to their expected completion rate. At the beginning of each week, the student is given an individualized completion goal based on the Fast ForWord product, the selected protocol, and where the student is within the product content. MySciLEARN calculates the completion rate score by comparing the student's percent complete gain—the percentage of the Fast ForWord program mastered during the week—with this completion goal.

Note that the completion rate score only considers the actual time spent using the product. For example, if a student takes a sick day and only works four out of five days that week, MySciLEARN adjusts the completion rate score so it is based on a four day week.

On occasion, the completion rate score for a student may exceed 100%, which means that the student exceeded the completion goal that week.

101% to 200% – Above Target

65% to 100% – On Target

20% to 64% – Approaching Target

19% or lower – Below Target


Students who use the Fast ForWord program on a regular basis tend to benefit more from the program. The attendance score measures how frequently the student used the program each week by comparing the number of days the student met the attendance requirement that week to the expected attendance (three or five days a week, depending on the protocol). To meet the minimum daily attendance requirement, the student must complete 30% of the expected work time that day. If the student uses the program but does not complete 30% of the daily protocol, MySciLEARN considers the student absent that day.

Attendance scores are rated based on the number of days in the student's protocol. For more information see Fast ForWord program protocols.

5-day protocols:

80% to 100%– On Target

60% to 79% – Approaching Target

59% or lower– Below Target

3-day protocols:

90% to 100%– On Target

80% to 89% – Approaching Target

79% or lower – Below Target

Note: Because the number of days in a protocol determines how attendance scores are rated, students who switch between the 3-day and 5-day protocols may have periods in which their attendance scores are rated on an adjusted scale. MySciLEARN automatically makes this adjustment to more accurately rate a student's attendance across a mixed protocol environment.


Students who complete the program schedule each day typically gain more from the Fast ForWord programs. The participation score measures how much time the student spent in the program by checking the actual participation time on the days the student worked that week and comparing it to each day's time requirement, or daily protocol. Students are expected to complete the daily protocol each day that they use the program (30 to 90 minutes per day, depending on the protocol). For more information see Fast ForWord program protocols.

95% to 100%– On Target

80% to 94% – Approaching Target

79% or lower– Below Target