Set RPI access for students

By default, mySciLEARN enables Reading Progress Indicator access for new students as they are enrolled in your school. As an instructor, you can manage the settings for Reading Progress Indicator for your students as needed.

To learn more see About Reading Progress Indicator (RPI).

Tip: District managers and school managers can turn RPI availability on or off for all new students at the school level. See Set RPI school defaults.

Warning! If you disable Auto RPI access for a student, the following features will be also affected:

  1. In mySciLEARN Manage section, click the Students tab to access the Students page.
  2. Perform one of the following tasks to set RPI. Note that if you turn RPI off, Auto Assign will be disabled, and any Manual RPI tests in progress will be voided.
  3. For an individual student using the student’s profile:

    1. Click the student’s name to open that student’s profile.
    2. In the Auto Assign and Reading Progress Indicator section, click the Settings button.
    3. Under Reading Progress Indicator, select the appropriate option and click Apply:
      • Use RPI assessments
      • Do not use RPI assessments

    For one or more students using the students list:

    1. In the Settings column on the right, click the RPI button to turn it on or off.
    2. On (green)

      Off (gray)

    For one or more students using the More Actions menu:

    1. Select the checkbox next to the students, or select the All checkbox at the top of the students list to select all of the students on the screen.
    2. From the More Actions menu, select the appropriate action and then confirm it:
      • Turn Auto RPI On
      • Turn Auto RPI Off