Set up iPad for student use

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iPad setup depends on the Fast ForWord programs you plan to use:

Set up mobile apps

Language series, Literacy series, Reading series, RPI

Download mobile apps

The App Store℠ lets you download the mobile apps for the Language, Literacy, Reading, and RPI series programs directly to your iPad. Search for "Scientific Learning" to locate the apps, then follow the App Store instructions to download them. You can also find the apps on our iTunes® company page. The mobile apps are free, but each student will need a program license and an active online MySciLEARN account to use them (the RPI app also requires an active Support Package). Contact your school's system administrator if you need help with this task.

Download all of the mobile apps your students will be using, including the RPI app. Students can open any of the apps to log in to MySciLEARN and access their assignments and the demos.

Foundations series and Reading Assistant Plus users: Because the programs use Safari, you don’t need to download a mobile app for them. However, you’ll want to download the RPI mobile app if you plan to administer RPI assessments or use Auto Assign.

Fast ForWord Language

Language v2

Language to Reading v2

Fast ForWord Literacy


Literacy Advanced

Fast ForWord Reading

Reading Readiness

Reading Levels 1 - 5

Reading Progress Indicator

RPI assessments

Update mobile apps

Once you've downloaded an app, the App Store will notify you when updates are available. You'll also be notified when you open that app as follows. Always update the app as soon as possible.

  • Update Available – The student can continue using the program without updating, but update the app as soon as possible. You'll be reminded until you update the app.
  • Update Required – The student cannot use the program until you update the app.

Before the student starts using the new Fast ForWord programs on iPad (Foundations I, Foundations II), you’ll need to set up the student’s iPad for Safari.

IMPORTANT! For the best experience on iPad, we strongly recommend completing these steps before your students start the program.

Set up the programs for Safari

Foundations I and Foundations II

Add MySciLEARN bookmark to Home screen

Because the new Fast ForWord programs work within the Safari browser, they do not come with a bookmark for the Home screen. Good news: we’ve made one for you! The MySciLEARN bookmark links directly to the Student Login page in Safari. The student can use it to open Safari, log in to MySciLEARN on iPad, and start using the new Fast ForWord programs on iPad.

Follow these steps to add the MySciLEARN bookmark to the Home screen. Or watch the video below.

  1. In Safari, go to the Student Login page
  2. Choose your school or district, if it does not already appear on the Student Login page. See Log in on iPad.
  3. Tap the Share button in the toolbar.
  4. Scroll to the right and choose Add to Home Screen.
  5. Tap Add to confirm.

Video: Add MySciLEARN bookmark to iPad

Remove the legacy Language mobile app

If the student was previously using the Fast ForWord Language v2 and Language to Reading v2 legacy programs, but will no longer use them, go ahead and delete the Language mobile app from this device.Deleting the app will not delete student results.

To delete the legacy Language mobile app from iPad:

  1. On the Home screen, lightly touch and hold the Language v2 app until it jiggles.
  2. Tap the X in the upper-left corner of the Language v2 app.
  3. Tap Delete to confirm.