Log in as a student

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About student access

Students use the Student Login page at www.myscilearn.com/learner to log in to MySciLEARN and access the programs. It requires that students enter their username and password. If a student forgets his or her credentials, a staff member can access this information from the Students page. See About student usernames and passwords.

The steps to log in as a student vary based on workstation type: computer or mobile digital device. Some students may require guidance while performing this task, especially if the student is young, or if this is the first time the student is logging in.

Log in on a computer

As a student, follow these steps to log in to MySciLEARN on a desktop, laptop, or notebook computer.

  1. Connect your computer to the Internet.
  2. Open a web browser and point to the MySciLEARN Student Login page: www.myscilearn.com/learner
  3. If this is the first time the student has accessed MySciLEARN on this computer (or if the web browser’s cache on the computer has been cleared), the software may ask the student to choose their school or district name:

  4. If needed, enter the first few letters of your school or district in the Choose School or District field to see a list of schools and districts, then select your school or district from the list and click Continue.
  5. Fast ForWord Home learners should enter “Fast ForWord Home” in this field.

    If your school or district does not appear right away, keep entering letters until it appears:

  6. Enter your student username and password and click Log In.
  7. Students can select the Show Password option if they’d like to see the password text as they type.

    MySciLEARN checks the username and password and when validated, opens the Student Exercises page. For details on using the programs see the following topics:

Log in on iPad

The steps for logging in on iPad depends on the program you are using:

  • Foundations series and Reading Assistant Plus. These programs run in the Safari web browser on iPad, which works differently than a iPad mobile app.
  • All other programs. The rest of the Scientific Learning programs on iPad are mobile apps, including Reading Progress Indicator, and require slightly different login steps.