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About student results reports

The Reports page presents Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus student progress and usage data at the district, school, and student levels, along with a few handy tools to help you customize and share the reports.

The reports are built into mySciLEARN so they're easy to find—just log in to mySciLEARN as a staff member and click the Reports tab to view them.

The Reports pages show reports based on your staff role. Use the following topics to learn how to navigate the reports:

Search reports

Use the Search feature on the Reports page to search for a specific student's results. Search lets you jump directly to that student's results without having to navigate through the reports or scroll through multiple groups of students. This is especially helpful for district managers and school managers, who may manage hundreds (or even thousands) of students within a district or school.

Search tips

The Search feature works based on your staff role:

  • District managers can find any student in the district.
  • School managers can find any student in their school.
  • Instructors can only find their students.

Access the Search feature from any report on the Reports page. For the best search results, follow these tips:

  • Search for the student using the first name only, the last name only, or student ID. The Search feature does not support terms with spaces.
  • Use the buttons at the top of the Reports page to filter the search by Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant Plus, or Reading Progress Indicator reports.
  • For a wider search, start from the highest level report, such as a district report (district managers), school report (school managers), or group report (instructors).
  • For a narrower search, start from a lower level report, such as a group or student report.
  • The Search feature ignores the date range when searching for a student, but still applies the date range when displaying the student's reports. If Search finds a student that has not used the product in a while, you may need to widen the date range to see data on that student's reports. To learn about using date ranges see About report date ranges.

Searching for a student's reports

  1. On the left side of the Reports page, enter the student's first name, last name, or student ID in the Search field and press Enter.
  2. The Search Reports page opens and displays all of the students that match your search criteria within a table. The table includes three columns: Last Name, First Name, and School. Sort a list of students by clicking a column header.

    If you don't see your student on the Search Reports page, make sure that you entered just one of the following criteria only, and not a combination of them: the student’s first name, the student’s last name, or the student’s ID. To clear the Search Reports and try again, delete the text from the Search field and press Enter. For more help see Search tips.

  3. Locate your student in the Search Reports table and click the student to go to the student level report, based on where you searched from.
  4. Navigate the reports as usual to view the student's results.
  5. If you don't see any results, follow these tips. For more help see Search tips.

    • Widen the date range on the report to include the student's training days
    • Choose a different option at the top of the Reports page: Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant Plus, Reading Progress Indicator
    • For the Fast ForWord components, choose a different Fast ForWord component

  6. When your finished reviewing the student's results, perform one of the following tasks:
    • To return to the Search Reports, click the Back to Search Reports link in the upper left of the report.
    • To clear the Search results and return to the default Reports view, delete the text from the Search field and press Enter.