Intervention resources for teachers

An intervene alert in the mySciLEARN Reports indicates that a student is struggling.

  • Fast ForWord. When a student does not make expected gains over time, an alert appears on the Implementation Success and Percent Complete reports.
  • Reading Assistant Plus. When a student is not meeting the WCPM or Fluency goals for 3 of the last 5 selections, an alert appears on the Implementation Success report.

Quick intervention checks

As a teacher or coach working directly with your students, you play a crucial role in their success. There are many reasons why a student might be struggling. Use the following checklist to identify and resolve an Intervene alert. When the student becomes successful with the task, the alert will be removed from the report.

  1. Check the equipment.
    • Make sure the headset and microphone are working.
    • Check the volume level.
    • Check that the mouse and keyboard shortcuts are working correctly.
  2. Check for understanding.
    • Ask the student to explain the exercise to you. Do they understand the expectations of the exercise? Ask: Can you tell me what this exercise wants you to do?
    • Does the student understand how to use the mouse or keyboard?
  3. Listen in with student (if needed use a stereo audio splitter that enables you to plug in two headsets).
    • Ask the student to tell you what they hear. Naming the sounds may help.
    • Explain the difference between sounds that are the same and those that are different.
  4. Monitor for success.

Targeted exercise interventions

If the student is still struggling, try using one of our targeted exercise interventions. Make them easy for the student to understand. Work with your students until they start experiencing success. If one intervention doesn’t work, try another one.