Edit Fast ForWord assignments

When needed, you make changes to a student’s Fast ForWord product assignment. For example, you can select an alternate protocol to meet specific time requirements. For detailed descriptions of these settings, see Fast ForWord program protocols and Fast ForWord exercise intro languages.

You can only edit assignments for an individual student. If you're using Auto Assign, you can edit the assignment settings for a Fast ForWord product once the student has been assigned that product. To learn more see Fast ForWord Auto Assign.

Best practice: The best time to change the protocol is at the beginning of the week, before your students start training. This will avoid any impact on their weekly participation and attendance scores.

  1. In mySciLEARN Manage section, click the Students tab to access the Students page.
  2. Locate the student in the students list. See The students list.
  3. Click the student’s name to open that student’s profile.
  4. In the Assignments section, click the Edit icon next to the Fast ForWord product.
  5. On the Edit Assignment screen, make the edits to the Fast ForWord product as needed, then click Save.
    • Change the protocol as needed. This change will take effect on the next training day. First choose the number of day per week (3 days or 5 days), then choose the number of minutes per day (30, 40, 50, or 90 minutes). To learn more see Fast ForWord program protocols.
    • Change the introduction language as needed. This change will take effect immediately.